Vector Plasma Fly Light

Vector Plasma Fly Light

Brand: Whitmire Micro-Gen
Product Code: Whitmire Micro-Gen
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Price: $245.00
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Introducing the brightest addition to the legendary line of Vector insect light traps, featuring next generation electronics and a lightweight, thin design: the New Vector Plasma. Comes with a glue board.

Two powerful, ultraviolet bulbs produce 72 watts of flying insect attraction.

Trap design and high wattage result in a very fast catch rate.

Light and attractive frame is just 2 1/2 inches thin.

Can be easily installed horizontally, vertically or in corners.

Lift and service grill makes the Vector Plasma quick and easy to service.

High frequency electronic ballasts provide flicker-free silent operation and eliminate the need for starters.

For use everywhere flies are a problem

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